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What are the challenges

Professional services include a number of subsectors, such as law firms, employment agencies, facility service providers, etc. These sectors are on the eve of Data Science adoption. They are relatively traditional sectors that are very dependent on people. This is also a major pitfall, as a result of which the degree of adoption is still lagging behind other sectors. Parties that are the first to work on value creation with data science, will reap considerable benefits from this. However, management within these sectors often does not yet have an overview and insight into the possibilities. Pilots take place, but on a limited scale.

Read more about our solutions

Read more about our solutions

Many challenges in professional services are similar to the financial services industry. Using our extensive expertise in this field we help to accelerate the digital transformation.
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HR Analytics

Because these sectors are highly dependent on people, absence is a relatively heavy cost item. Predicting sick leave or burnout provides a lot of value. Attracting and inflowing new people is also an issue for many organizations. Data science can be helpful in analyzing CVs and matching candidates and profiles.


Dealing with questions from employees, but also from customers, takes a lot of time and effort. Knowledge is spread within organizations. The use of cognitive chat bots offers a lot of efficiency and is very effective. The saving in time can be considerable. Unlocking knowledge, often at various places within an organization, can take place effectively by bringing all knowledge together in 1 cognitively unlockable environment.

Planning of employees

Due to the high dependence on people in these sectors, correct planning is of great importance. A lot of value can be lost in this. Data science (machine learning) is increasingly being used to plan employees, certainly in environments with a high degree of complexity (many preconditions or constraints in the planning).


Dynamic pricing

Services are often priced in a traditional way in these sectors. A more dynamic price model creates more value, because use is made of, for example, price elasticities, (seasonal) patterns in demand or price, or other relationships that are not immediately visible between underlying variables.


Process mining

Larger organizations, in which predictability of processes is important, become more ineffective and inefficient because employees can work outside processes. A lot of process leakage is taking place as a result. Process mining is a technique with which the “elephant paths” are made transparent and suggestions for optimization are made.

Other solutions we offer for value creation:

  • Procurement analytics
  • Finance analytics
  • Fraud detection
  • Cognitive knowledge management

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