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What are the challenges

Companies have been gathering data about their customers, processes and employees in various systems for the last years (for example CRM, HRM, WMS etc). This data has a variety of formats, structured and unstructured, not suitable for traditional analytic-tools like Excel. This is an enormous untapped potential for innovation. Old business models are challenged in this new data-era. Companies have to reinvent themselves, develop data driven business models. We see that more customers are willing to be data driven but don’t know what to do and where to start. And what the impact is on their organization and employees.

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Read more about our solutions

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What do we have to offer?

  1. Develop a data strategy
    A good data strategy should answer the following key questions:

    • What do I need to know or what business problem do I need to solve?
    • What data do I need to answer my questions?
    • How will I analyze the data?
    • How will I report and present insights?
    • What software and hardware do I need?

    The answers will help the business strategy to become data driven.

  2. Develop roadmaps ‘how to become data driven’
    What’s the plan of action? Having a data strategy, this is the crucial question. with 150+ data science use cases in the last 4 years, Pipple has experienced both success and failure within various leading¬†organizations. We use this to develop the right custom-made roadmap for your company.
  3. Develop use cases
    Data science shouldn’t be a technology looking for a solution as it is sometimes in academics. Understanding the business is key and translating this together to the right questions. This requires business knowledge, creativity and good collaboration with our client’s experts. Here we reach the sweet spot of Pipple. Together we develop the right use cases and we take full responsibility upon delivery.

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