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What are the challenges

Banks and insurance companies undertake many initiatives in the field of data science. This is partly driven by a large amount of relevant data that they have at their disposal. Regulations also force financial institutions to use AI and data science applications. Finally, financial institutions feel the pressure of potential new entrants in the financial world, which means that new business models must be developed more quickly.


Read more about our solutions

Read more about our solutions

Pipple has carried out 50+ use cases at financial institutions, in various domains. These range from prediction models, risk modeling, HR analytics, speech analytics and image recognition. Pipple's management has a long track record in board- and management positions at various large financial institutions.
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More solutions

Other solutions we offer within banking and insurance:

  • Develop a data strategy
  • Develop roadmaps ‘how to become data driven’
  • Develop use cases
  • Deploying data scientists, on location, to participate in data science teams
  • Manage and staff data science projects
  • Provide training for your management and employees (in-house, masterclasses executives)

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